Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NYT: A Conversation with Daniel Lieberman

A Conversation With Daniel Lieberman
Born, and Evolved, to Run

Part 2 and Part 3

Once again, his homepage and Run Barefoot.

On the way to lunch at Costco this afternoon I heard the dj mention the new Adidas minimalist shoe. Apparently he's never heard of Vibram. I think I'd rather give my money to the small minimalist shoe companies than to a giant like Adidas.

Well, it seems to be that paleolibertarians are more willing to try minimalist shoes and barefoot running than trad- or paleocons. (And age isn't really a factor -- I read
that Lew Rockwell has been trying out minimalist shoes.) While Paleos might be willing to try them out for exercise, I doubt they would be willing to wear minimalist dress shoes (these have not been developed yet, though there are minimalist athletic shoes) during formal or semi-formal occasions. I could be wrong.

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From the beginning of the year: Preview of New 2011 Minimalist and Barefoot Style Running Shoes

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