Sunday, February 05, 2012

Items of Interest, 5 January 2012

Thomas Fleming, Newt Gingrich, RIP and For the Last Time and Gaffes

Daniel Larison, Why Haven't Republicans Repudiated Bush on Iraq?

Clark Stooksbury, Pink Buckets of Chicken

Refuted Congressional Lies about NDAA Kidnapping

Peter Hitchens, Don't forget, it takes a cynical knave to create a dodgy knight and Einstein Versus the Atheists

Intellectual Conservative, No Evidence for God?

Prophet of Conservatism, Russell Kirk

Mike Church: Interview with Kevin Gutzman on the state of conservatism

Mike Church & Winston Elliott discuss Conservatism, Russell Kirk and the Humane Economy

Paul Gottfried, Enough with Family Values and When Democracy Murders Liberty

America: Christian or Jacobin? by John Zmirak

End the Violence, End the War on Drugs

Srdja Trifkovic, Obama's Strategic Doctrine: W Lite
Daniel Larison, Syria and Interventionism Run Amok

Peter Hitchens, The Tory Party, Who Needs It?

Rebellion: Abbeville Institute Conference

Ron Paul:
Scott McConnell, Ron Paul and His Enemies
Patrick Buchanan: Ron Paul: Reactionary or Visionary ?

Philip Giraldi, Another War on the Cheap
Chairman of Joint Chiefs to Israelis: U.S. Won’t Join Your War on Iran by Gareth Porter
US Frets Israeli Attack on Iran
Daniel Larison, Israel Is Not Going to Attack Iran

On Recent Economic Figures:
Auomatic Earth has a new url. Who Killed the Money Printer?
Paul Craig Roberts: Economics 101 and The Real Economic Picture
Fabius Maximus: About the January jobs report – mildly good news, but bought at great cost

John Médaille, There is No Such Thing as a Bank Loan
Ralph Nader, The Health Care Racket

Peak Oil and Energy:
Janet Napolitano Personifies US Myopia
Peak Oil Crisis Election 2012

Romance of the Middle Ages
Kathryn Boughton, A Book on James Madison by Dr. Kevin Gutzman

Thomas Fleming, Scribes, Pharisees, Hypocrites
Ethiopian Iconography
Christian Jihad
The Christianity of Modernism by Cleanth Brooks

The Feminist Mystique

Diet and Health
What happens when you eat Ramen.
Regrowing Your Own Teeth

Man Builds Fairy Tale Home for His Family for only 3000 Pounds

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