Wednesday, April 03, 2013

A Darwinian Competition for Mates

One of the weapons is makeup...

It's to the point whee I don't "trust" my eyes, especially if the use of makeup is obvious, witholding judgment as to how "beautiful" a woman is and shrugging it off even if I am swayed to look.

With Korean celebs especially there are certain familiar, overused patterns. (I am thinking of the eyes, in particular.)

Do men need a reset of expectations? Men may be more willing to "settle" in some ways, but for the sake of knowing reality and also for simplicity wouldn't it be better it we divested ourselves of these visual illusions?

Show and Tell

On Sunday I caught part of Mr. Selfridge - Jeremy Piven is trying to play him as a showman but I thought Selfridge was too much like a contemporary Uhmerican. (How different is his acting here from that for the show Entourage?) Piven's accent probably didn't help ground the performance in a specific period, either? Did the creators intentionally create a critique of 20th century empire and consumption? Because much of the story and details lend themselves to that. Or were they honestly trying to honor the development of the 20th century department store? I was reminded how that model was emulated in Japan and in Hong Kong.

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