Monday, August 11, 2014

10cc, "I'm Not in Love"

Saw Guardians of the Galaxy on Saturday for the Flower's birthday - the soundtrack may have been a bigger part of the movie's appeal than people realize - how many dollars is Hollywood milking from 40 and 50-something-year-olds (white people, nerds or not) living in the past?

I was hoping for some old-school sci-fi action from the 80s, but the movie is an example of the typical Marvel action fare. 92% at RT; another indication of how sad American cinema is. I enjoyed watching it (and listening to the soundtrack) and it has plenty of fun moments, but I felt blasé about the action sequences. Even the style of the fighting sequences in a contemporary wuxia movie would have been better - less CGI, and a greater sense of realism despite the choreography. The movie is rated PG-13 but there was an adult joke or two not suitable for children or teenagers.

I watched the credits but didn't recognize the company that did the CGI - on what other films/projects has it worked?

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