Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Good Love Story?

Or 19th ce romance geared for women and blue-pill men? Seems like the heroine is engaging in a bit of 'alpha f- beta bux' in her life choices, even though it is not so bad as she does have some attraction to her "true" love. There is definitely some hypergamy in play, though she does not marry the wealthy second choice -- there is no chemistry, and wealth does not make up for the lack of game. All things being equal, she would pick the alpha with wealth over the one without, but if it's a choice between the alpha with no wealth and the beta with wealth, she chooses the former.

Love and Marriage in “The Madding Crowd” by Gracy Olmstead

Even if it is a step above today's trashy romance novels (and worthy of being in a Brit Lit course), it is still their progenitor, appealing to emotion and erroneous views of love, and it is not clear to me that good sense actually prevails at the end of the story. (And then there is the feminism in the story; funny how the portrayal of such cognitive dissonance is acceptable to the masses of women. The NPR review is a howler.)

Still, the movie does look gorgeous and the work done for the costumes seems high quality. (Historically accurate?) If men would dress like the first choice, Gabriel. goes behind the scenes of FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD with costume designer Janet Patterson to take a look at the gorgeous clothes that bring an authentic Victorian look to the production!

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