Tuesday, March 29, 2016

An Interesting Contrast

a comment at AG:

Hawkeye Pierce is the stereotypical Sensitive New Age Guy and "Sensitive Man with a Sense of Humor" who, along with Woody Allen, are allegedly oh so sexy. They are so "in touch with their feelings" and present as "emotionally available" and "vulnerable" and "have a social conscience", and this makes them "sexy".

Alda (and his character, Hawkeye Pierce) weren't as bad as David Schwimmer's Ross Geller, though. Pierce was a bad ass surgeon, considered the best chest cutter in the camp. He stood up for himself and his principles. He also presented as a mischievous, snarky bad boy, fucking all the nurses in the unit, smirking and offering clever witticisms while doing it, and making the best of a tough situation. Pierce also had the masculine traits of reliability, proficiency and toughness. He could be counted on to do what he said he would do, was among the best at his craft, and was resilient under pressure. Pierce could thus get away with the occasional overwrought emotional display and the social justice tendencies.

Ross Geller isn't like that. Ross is a pussy. He's a paleontologist and is somewhat embarrassed by it. He won't own it. He won't pursue what he wants until it becomes clear it's his for the taking. He won't own his cheating on Rachel, hiding behind repeatedly whining "we were on a break". (You can tell it's fiction, because Ross would never have gotten Rachel OR a chance to cheat on her). He has this verbal/emotional tic of gulping when emotionally overcome, which comes off as feminine. He wears his heart on his sleeve (Pierce didn't). Ross relies on snark and cleverness, but with none of the smirking bad boy persona to go with it. His imagination that snark and wittiness makes him masculine is a gamma tell. Without masculinity and the IDGAF attitude, snark comes off as bitchy, petty and feminine.

This is the difference between 70s SNAGs and 90s feminized men. Fictional SNAGs like Hawkeye Pierce still had some bad boy. The 90s feminized men dispensed with the "bad boy" stuff and replaced it all with snark, clever prepackaged lines, and overwrought emoting, all in a feminized male wrapping. It was sold to men and women as "sexy" and "hot" and "funny"; but Ross is none of the above - he's pathetic, bitchy and girly, and the women around him can see right through it.

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