Thursday, April 07, 2016

Vox Day: Mississippi Stands Firm

"Round Two is coming. I don't know which issue will set it off yet, but it's increasingly obvious that Round Two is on the horizon. There is no nation any longer, and the sooner the various nations inside the USA go their separate ways, preferably in peace."

Stay and fight in suburbia? Leave for a state that is more in line with what one believes? Or move to another part of California where the conservatives live and hunker down with them? How many of the smug and the affluent who live and live the illusion that is Silicon Valley are in a mental state in which they can convert to a serious, traditional form of Christianity? And then there are the immigrants, legal and illegal...

And then there is the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley -- must of the audience members are boomers or close to them in age. As for donors? Some businesses, but a lot of private individuals, too -- are they also boomers or close to them in age? What will happen to the Freight once demographic reality catches up? How are businesses going to be able to justify a donation to the Freight and Salvage, which favors overwhelmingly forms of music that are not appreciated by non-whites? (A few exceptions here and there on the calendar, but a few.) Will they change their programming? Or will the Freight simply close?

It is probable that many of the patrons are also SJW leftists who congratulate themselves for their leftist/multiculturalist orthodoxy. Little do they know that they've killed any sort of musical legacy that they would have liked to see continue in Berkeley.

The Unitary State of America by John Seiler

America boasts of its “federalism,” that the 50 states (originally 13) still are “free and independent,” as the Declaration of Independence proclaimed. The country’s name, the United States, is plural.

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