Thursday, July 07, 2016

A Third Way?

While Grass Valley and Nevada City may be full of white people, what is the local culture like? More hippie than traditional? Maybe the state of Jefferson would be composed of a myriad of alternative cultures to Californian neo-Yankee mass culture, but I'd probably rather live in a traditional area than one populated by aging liberal hippies, who have in part created that neo-Yankee mass culture. How much time would it take to find out what towns are more traditional?

I could move to another state, but that isn't very likely; I'd fit in more in one that has a bit of diversity (e.g. Texas) than one that doesn't, even if the latter is more preferable with respect to tradition.

As for faith, some Orthodox chuches are more traditional, more patriarchical than others. The Greeks seem to be rather liberal in that regard. ROCOR might be on the other end of the spectrum. But the pretensions of the Orthodox patriarchs are grating; can't say that the pretensions of the papal maximalists are any better. Is there an alternative? The Assyrian Church of the East, perhaps? How are they dealing with feminism?

Ancient Taboos and Gender Prejudice Challenges for Orthodox Women and the Church by Leonie B. Liveris

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