Sunday, August 07, 2016

Catholic World Report: China and Vatican Make Preliminary Agreement on the Election of Bishops
Pope Francis is not the first pope to turn his pastoral gaze toward China, and in the long scope of the Middle Kingdom's history, the Vatican’s overtures to China are not so unusual.
By Anthony E. Clark, Ph.D.

The American historian and novelist, Edward Eggleston, once said that, “Journalism is organized gossip.” There has been a lot of journalism lately about the Church in China, but it has been extremely difficult to separate the genuine news from “organized gossip.” In June, the bishop of Shanghai, Ma Daqin, who has spent four years under house arrest for refusing

Asia News: Card. Zen: My concerns over China-Holy See dialogue and repercussions on Chinese Church

Card. Tong: Communion of the Church in China with the Universal Church

Card. John Tong, bishop of Hong Kong, gives an in-depth explanation of the Holy See’s reasons for continuing dialogue with Beijing: to ensure greater religious freedom to the Catholic communities; re-establish unofficial and imprisoned bishops; reinstate illicit bishops. The Letter of Pope Benedict XVI is "absolutely valid."

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