Monday, September 26, 2016

Human Formation

Pastoral formation, according to Pope Francis -- as expected, an emphasis on modern casuistry. Vatican Insider

In connection with this I am reminded of "integral formation"... a name tainted by its association with a LC marketing tool.

Pope Francis on Formation of Seminarians

Metaphysics as an Act of Mercy By Brian Jones
Our frequent talking point, in both politics and religion, is that of mercy and compassion. All too often, what Catholics say about mercy and compassion is not at all different from the views of everyone else.

Msgr. Michael Heintz answers a question during a talk he gave last year on liturgy and vocation about discernment(at 57:30):

He says the greatest of John Paul II to the Church is Pastores Dabo Vobis on the reform of seminary education. The key element that he introduced? "Human formation" as distinct from pastoral formation.
He gives some examples such as organization and socialization skills. Now, given the state of Uhmerican parenting it may be that even among Catholics, children are not being raised with important life skills. How many parents have failed to raise healthy, (psychologically) balanced human beings? Being absent from the home surely has not helped the situation, and while we may be used to fathers being the "breadwinner" who labor far from the home in modern industrial societies, how can their absence not have had an effect on the maturation process of their sons?

How can there be just one path of human development for human beings, when the differences between men and women are significant? The "human formation" of men, especially for those who will ultimately consider the priesthood, must include the education necessary to teach them how to be men. Hence basic ethical development and character formation must also acknowledge sex differences. Holding people to a standard in social interaction, expecting them to apologize when they don't commit some infraction against the respect due to another or fail to live up to some standard, these are actions that men should do. But they should also be corrected when they fall into passive aggressiveness, or have been raised improperly to become "Mr. Nice Guy," being a doormat for others or avoiding all conflict out of fear.

How can a man be a spiritual father if one doesn't know how to be a father, or a man?


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