Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Western Women

From 2011:

You see plenty of older French women with short hair in the video. There are many such women in the Anglosphere and in Germany and Holland as well. Belgium? Scandinavia? how about the south European countries like Spain and France? This is probably less of a phenomena in Eastern European countries, for now.

Maybe they sincerely think it is fashionable or that it looks good. But perhaps it is not merely a fashion trend but women at some level realize they are making some sort of statement about themselves and the standard of beauty they wish to follow. For some it may be about practicality; but how many of them would be willing to change their minds if their significant others told them that they found themselves as being less attractive as a result? How many of these women care about their opinion of their men? How many do so to spite their men?
It's a statement about being "liberated" or "autonomous"?

Such ugliness in Western women, both on the inside and the outside, even if some are more feminine in other ways (supposedly the French) than others (Anglophones).

Women: don't cut your damn hair

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