Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Advice for East Asian-Americans

Over at Vox Day:

However in saying that, I can see a situation where a certain percentage of East Asians can remain in Western countries. They are education focused, productive and low crime etc. However they need to recognise some things and recognise them fast.

These being:
1) Recognise Western countries are white countries and become very vocal and supportive of White culture and keeping Western countries White. Become an ally of the developing White identity.

2) Become more Western, try to fit into our culture and values. Generally better than any other immigrants but a key would be becoming Christian and changing their mindset from a Shame based culture to a Guilt based culture.

3) Do not act economically clannish, dodgy or create negative economic outcomes for Whites. Unaffordable housing is a key issue in this regard. Do not try to take advantage of our welfare system for you elderly retired parents that are immigrating with you. From my interactions with East Asians that think like this, they actually boast about this thinking Whites are too stupid to realise. We are not! The vast majority of us realise what is going on, but we are to polite to raise it, though not for much longer.

4) If they are Chinese do not act like the vanguard of China. We don't need recent immigrants of Chinese background waving Chinese flags on streets and attacking their new country's political policies on various international or even sporting issues. If your loyalty is to another country you do not belong as immigrants to ours.

Basically most East Asians I know in the UK, Canada and the USA vote left and huff and puff about social justice. From my interactions, East Asian's in Australia are generally much more conservative, and once they realise the growing ire of White majority will quickly fall in line behind them. Not sure about the UK, Canada and the USA.

I don't disagree with any of his recommendations.

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