Sunday, December 11, 2016

For now, Rod Dreher is comfortable with being associated with neo-reactionaries but he continues to reject the alt right, while perhaps mischaracterizing it. Ethnonationalism is not the same as racism, although the two distinct attitudes can co-exist in the same person. And it is not anti-semitic to recognize that Jews, secular or orthodox, do not regard themselves as being part of the same people. The Neoreactionary Ben Op

Dreher would probably be ok with blogs like The Orthosphere. But perhaps he should try his hand at forming a political community instead of posing as a theorist. And no the typical parish community, even a small, tight-knit Orthodox one, does not approximate a political community (even if William Cavanaugh would wish so), nor is it nor is it intended to. Perhaps a monastic community is closer in some ways, but even it is markedly different from a political community in various important aspects (marriage and the begetting and raising of children, for one). He could learn a thing or two from people like Mountain Guerilla or Dmitry Orlov.

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