Saturday, December 10, 2016

Which people are the best sheeple? It may be difficult to top the Japanese... Sometimes Americans will call attention to the samurai as evidence of the Japanese warrior spirit, but they forget that the samurai were only a small percentage of the population. The rest were peasants or serfs in the Japanese feudal system, with some craftsmen and merchant, all of whom were inferior to the warrior class. Even when Japan modernized in the 19th century and professionalized its military by appealing to the samurai ethos (and a reinvigorated but changed state Shinto?), could one really expect that to stick in the civilians who joined (and later were conscripted into) the military? How would one best describe the social and cultural mindset of the typical Japanese person? Has this mindset been an obstacle to conversion to Christianity? Is exterior "harmony" (or absence of discord) really the highest social good? Is Christianity viewed as a disruptive influence, an aversion reinforced by the persecutions of Japanese Christians? Or is there instead a sort of ethnic chauvinism that rejects Christianity as being too foreign and thus incompatible with Japanese culture?

(This objection has historically been made by some Chinese as well, but it seems to have diminished -- a consequence of the Communists destroying much of traditional Chinese high culture?)

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