Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Leaving the Church Frame

Or another version of "why young adult groups are destined to fail as a way to network for people looking for a spouse."

Perhaps it is possible to exercise authority and charisma in a church setting in a way that is in accord with Christianity and nonetheless will attract women. If there is, I don't know what it is.

Usually the environment at church is too egalitarian and there is too much casual familiarity between members of the opposite sex -- or to be more accurate, the men are too nice while the women do not have any respect for the men. Why should they? The men are too nice, and the women are their equals in every other way. What male can stand out from the crowd, except maybe the nice Christian guy who is well-off. Then again, he may be a target for those women who are seeking to settle down but unable to generate any attraction to them. Especially if their 'native' culture emphasizes comfort and consumerism -- she who has the earning power will seek someone better, even if they themselves are blind to their own inclination. (Perhaps willingly blind.)

Do many Uhmerican Christians find themselves stuck in a "nice" mindset, or unable to break the shackles of the Church frame which prevents them from standing out as men? That the popularizers should continue to promote Theology of the Body instead of addressing the real issues between men and women accurately is a strike against Churches who have strayed from the wisdom of their forefathers.

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