Saturday, May 06, 2017

Listen to St. Paul

A woman raises a question about another woman: "Where do bloggers and speakers like Hatmaker derive their authority to speak and teach?"

Neither woman should have been accorded any sort of authority to teach in the first place.

Rod Dreher: Hatmaker Heresy

Of course, Dreher does not question whether women should teach. Any lay Christian who thinks that he should be teaching others should receive permission from his spiritual father, the bishop. However, given the infection of the Church with liberalism, any Christian who dares to oppose liberalism in its various forms, including feminism, may risk the possibility that he will be condemned by his bishop. In that case, he must present a case against liberalism to his bishop, warning the bishop of heresy, or deviating from Sacred Tradition, or at least asking the bishop to support the case for liberalism from Tradition. And if such a defense is not given? Should the Christian continue to teach (or blog)?

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