Wednesday, July 26, 2017


So a musician decided to get two tattoos. Why? Because that's what musicians do? I wouldn't be surprised if her parents were rather permissive in setting expectations in this regard. Given the association of tattoos in women with sexual experience, one cannot help but think that she has lost her v-card. (She apparently is in a relationship with another musician.) Is it possible for musicians to govern their emotions, rather than be governed by them, and still be good musicians (at least with respect to music that plays up the emotions)?

The tats didn't enhance her beauty; another instance of marring what was a masterpiece already.

The change did take the wind out of my sails as a fan, even though her singing continues to mature and her set sounded very good.

I note that an attractive older female (a boomer) who was in the audience had a small tattoo on her wrist. I couldn't tell the precise age of the tat, but it did seem a bit faded.

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