Monday, July 03, 2017

It's Lonely Being Right All the Time

Some paleos may suffer from this but not as much as American Latin Catholic traditionalists? Though Latin traditionalists tend to band together; but do they get along with anyone else?

At any rate...

Does American exceptionalism still have something to offer the world?

Our national religion is a sort of divinely-mandated liberalism that makes politics a matter of securing and advancing the equal freedom to pursue our individual goals. Such a religion gives God nothing much to do once His will is accepted and the system set up. He becomes irrelevant except as an ultimate justification for the structure as a whole.

Mr. Kalb, as far as I know, didn't develop as a Paleo thinker in normal circles, though he is now associated with Chronicles Magazine. But I think paleos may dispute his version of American history and the timeline of the decline.

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