Thursday, April 26, 2018

Judging Much?

Rod Dreher:

Once my wife and I were shown a house we were thinking of renting. As we walked through it with the agent, we could see that the family living there at the time were very conservative homeschooling Catholics. You could tell by the art on the wall and the books on their shelves. Normally this would have encouraged me, but the more time we spent at the house, the more the place struck me as a factory for manufacturing either totally docile conformists, or anti-Christian rebels. The parents seemed to take the moral and spiritual formation of their children seriously, but also seemed to think that the only way to form faithful Catholic children is to keep them from seeing, reading, or listening to anything that’s not the product of an extremely narrow, rigid, dessicated, and sentimental piety.

They created a “safe space” for their children, but I doubt very much that they created a “good space,” in the sense of a space in which the kids could refine their human desires and learn how to guide them to good ends — this, as opposed to learning how to deny those desires entirely. Goodness is not the absence of sin any more than peace is the absence of war. Brave New World presents not the same kind of dystopia as 1984, but it still depicts an inhuman tyranny.

Are there homeschooling families who are not raising their children properly and are sheltering them too much? Probably. But is it so easy to tell from their home, as opposed to the behavior?

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