Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick, March 17

The Apostle of Ireland

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St. Patrick's Day
Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin
St. Patrick's, New York

The housemates and I tried to celebrate St. Patrick's last year--not really successful since everywhere was crowded. We did end up going to a bar near Davis Square? Or was it Inman Square? Anyways, an Irish pub. The New Scot was also there.

It would not surprise me if Christendom still has some sort of communal celebration of the feast day--is there a competing event for the feast day of St. Joseph? Some of us grumbled against the fake Irish, and the whole Celtic atmosphere some were trying to establish at the college. (Hence those of Italian descent and others started the celebration of St. Joseph.)

While I may appreciate certain aspects of Irish and Celtic culture in general--the music, the dance, life in the villages... I don't think I would embrace it as much as Anglo-Latin culture. Of course, one could make the argument that Southern culture is a mixture of both.

KK will be out at Fiddler's Hearth tonight? The Lady Downstairs has expressed her desire not to celebrate the feast day in a pub. I will probably stay at home...

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