Friday, May 11, 2007

Archbishop: Current Energy Model Must Change

Archbishop: Current Energy Model Must Change
Calls for Education and Responsible Consumption

"Economic growth does not have to mean greater consumption," Archbishop Migliore stated.

He said: "From the standpoint of a sustainable economy, it does, however, mean that we will need technology, ingenuity, determined political will and common sense.

"Importantly, it will also demand technology transfer to developing countries, to the benefit of the entire global community."

"But even technology, its transfer and political will to collaborate at the international level are not enough," the archbishop continued. "To all that we must add national education schemes that will lead all of us without exception to approach our daily patterns of consumption and production in a very different way and to demand a similar change throughout construction, transport, businesses and other institutions.

"Remedies are not beyond our ingenuity, but we should be careful not to choose a path that will make things worse, especially for the poor."

Archbishop Migliore added, "We cannot simply uninvent the modern world, but there is still time to use technology and education to promote universally sustainable development before it is too late."

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