Monday, May 07, 2007

A good enough reason to watch The Bachelor?

Miss Tessa Horst:

I think she looks a bit like Lee Young-ae. Her sister is cute as well. (She and the rest of Miss Horst's family were on TV tonight, as the bachelor Lt. Andy Baldwin visited the families of the 4 remaining contestants.)

She's the fan favorite to win the bachelor's heart by the end of the season, but let's see if she can get a rose tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Tessa's best friend just seemed like she was jealous. she kept grilling him and asking about proposing and all, that was a bit presumptious of her. I just felt like the best friend was not being very genuine, but just a mean dirty girl. I like tessa and want her to win, but i dont think he best friend does. she was like, tessa came on the show just to have fun. tessa came on to look for love and try it. the mean best friend just made her look bad. I wish I could have been there to tell Samantha to just chill out and be nice. She was so fake, smiling and laughing. Totally think parents should interrogate, but should the ugly bizatchie best friend be doing that too? I don't think so.