Monday, July 16, 2007

China: More centralization is necessary?

A real battle between the National Government and local authorities
Beijing proposes a “harmonious society” but local governments above all think about increasing economic output. The result; environmental disasters, labourers reduced to slavery, a total absence of social policies for education, health and housing. Analysts: the central government must win the battle before the 17th Congress of the CP.

More centralized control in order to prevent corruption and its effects. Things are not good if it has to come down to this.

The Party’s “liberal” wing asks for the immediate resumption of democratic reforms
According to the lobby, the immediate resumption of the social and democratic reforms called for by Deng and halted after 1989, is urgent. The economic boom devoid of democracy has caused corruption and social injustices, which lead to mass unrest. But Hu Jintao insists on the eternal power of the Communist Party and a “step-by-step” politics.

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