Saturday, April 26, 2008

Feel-good spirituality

That's what Gaius Baltar is promoting for his sect--God loves us because we are perfect as we are. So what we need to do is to find God's presence in us, realize His acceptance of us, and come to accept ourselves, and thus be spiritual. Is this what the creators of BSG thinking of religion? Or are they [or Baltar] tailoring the colonial fleet's monotheism to fit Baltar's neuroses? A riff on the new-age spirituality or Oprah perhaps? On the other hand, how is Baltar's new religion linked to the quest for perfection by the cylons?

According to Christian Tradition, we are loved by God not because of who or what we are or have done, but because of God's own goodness. We are not a cause of God's love--rather God is the cause of His love, and His love seeks to diffuse itself through Creation. We could come to understand this through a metaphysical proof; but ours is not an age of reason. It remains to be seen what the stance of Ron Moore and the other creative minds behind BSG towards religion is.

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