Friday, April 25, 2008


French Horror in Romania
Review of Ils

from the online journal Lingua Romana

I don't know much about Romania, except that the language is derived from Latin. How Latin is the culture?

The Philosopher, the New Scot, and I met two Romanian teachers/students over in Cambridge once. They never bumped into them again at that place... what was the name of it again? Not Redline. Ah, Noir.

Romanian language, alphabet and pronunciation
The History of the Romanian Language
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wiki: Origin of the Romanians, Romanians
Romanian Voice - Romania
Romanian National Tourist Office
Patriarhia Romana
Romanian Orthodox Archdiochese in America and Canada
ROYA - Romanian Orthodox Youth in America
The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America (events gallery 2005 -- beautiful icons!)
The American Romanian Orthodox Youth
Religion in Romania

Romanian Orthodox Church in London - Biserica Ortodoxã Românã din ...

Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church of Los Angeles, California
Sts. Peter & Paul Romanian Orthodox Church, Dearborn Heights Michigan
St. Michael's Orthodox Church - Southbridge, Massachusetts
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Angela GHEORGHIU - Sanie cu zurgălăi (Romanian folk song)

Angela Gheorghiu / Sacred Romanian Orthodox Church Song

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Angela Gheorghiu

Romanian Orthodox Chant:
Romanian Orthodox Chant - Psalm 1,2,3 at Putna Monastery


Putna Monastery Photos, Romania

Putna Monastery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Youtube: Putna monastery

Romanian Orthodox Byzantine Chant - Psalm 50

Romanian Orthodox Byzantine Chant - The Beatitudes

Romanian Orthodox Byzantine Chant - The Lamentations

A bit early...
Romanian/Greek Orthodox Byzantine Chant - Hristos Anesti

Romanian Orthodox Byzantine Chant - Resurrection Kanon

How did I get on this tangent? Originally I was looking at the trailer for The Strangers, which is a remake of Ils (Them).

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