Saturday, November 01, 2008

A brief report on i restaurant. I enjoyed the food a little bit more this time around (we didn't order anything spicy), but I still don't think the food is worth the price. Maybe it would be a nice place to go for a party--there were some teenage girls celebrating a sweet 16. (They didn't look 16, they looked 14, even though some of them were rather tall.) The karaoke machine was going, and they sang some songs in English; one girl attempted to sing a Boa song in English, and another sang a Japanese song (that some HK singer did a cover of, but I can't remember who...).

I forced myself to eat some of the bug (lobster), since to say no after being offered some would have been rude. The honey/black pepper beef steak was ok.

I had fun listening to the seniors talking. There were some interesting comments about the si tau po, too. My mother said that the women often complain about their husbands when they meet--what would Dr. Laura say about that. How much of the complaining is justified? As they are all rather old (and Catholic), I don't think a divorce is likely; do they say anything to their husbands? Is it just a way to release frustration? I'm not sure what to make of it, even though this kind of talk among women (and men too) is rather 'normal.' I'm not a big believer in complaining as a way to get rid of stress or frustration.

But being a charity case isn't great (my mother's friends wanted me to go to dinner), and I was thinking again of going back to the new plan, since I haven't accomplished much in 2 weeks. Working everyday doesn't help, since teaching is tiring, and even though there isn't that much thinking involved, when the day is over, I am not in the shape to think or write.

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