Saturday, November 01, 2008

There were some prop. 8 opponents on the corner of De Anza and Stevens Creek, the one next to Le Boulanger. They were out there for a while, during rainy conditions, but by the time I left Armadillo Willy's most were gone. I think one of them may have taken one of the Yes on 8 signs that had been there as well.

After watching the last episode of Kitchen Nightmares, I don't think the hamburgers at AW are worth getting--they're not freshly made from ground beef, just already processed burger patties. I did enjoy drinking water with lemon though. I should buy lemons, but I'd probably end up not using them frequently enough. Next time I'm at the grocery store, I should see how much lemons are...

I'm going to dinner at i Restaurant @ 6--we'll see if the second time is better. Mrs. Chan liked the restaurant a lot... she couldn't understand my mother's opinion of the restaurant.

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