Tuesday, November 04, 2008

8-14-2006 - Following his 50th town hall meeting in Massac County. U.S. Senator Obama poses in front of the Superman Statue in downtown Metropolis, IL. known as the home of the DC Comics super hero.

An Obama victory appears to be certain. Perhaps it was inevitable, given all of the factors in his favor, but I can't help but think that the children are running the nursery. (Especially when it is not virtuous deliberation on the part of the voter, but liberal pride that has made such an election possible.) We'll see what the results are for the local elections in the morning, but seeing the cheering because of its historical 'importance' by certain bloggers (even those that didn't vote for him), and the comments left by Obama supporters is discouraging me from surfing the Internet even more.

The consolidation that produced the single national state in practice won't be reversed, and statism will be reinforced even more.

Let us see what happens with the economy in the next 12 months. Obama certainly isn't going to bring virtue back--only Christ can do that. But who really wants Christ in their lives? His demands are too onerous. What will happen with His Church?

Some have ridiculed the notion that Obama is the Antichrist. This is probably correct. But what indication is there that Obama will not be part of the master plan that will lead to the persecution of Christ's Church on Earth? (More from Mark Shea on Obama being an antichrist.)

Liber Apocalypsis Ioannis 16:5-7
Et audivi angelum aquarum dicentem: “ Iustus es, qui es et qui eras, Sanctus, quia haec iudicasti; quia sanguinem sanctorum et prophetarum fuderunt, et sanguinem eis dedisti bibere: digni sunt!”. Et audivi altare dicens: “ Etiam, Domine, Deus omnipotens, vera et iusta iudicia tua!”.

Mr. Shea links to this article by Fr. Rutler on Msgr. Benson's Lord of the World.
The new world religion would be a humanitarian compact based on pacifism, pantheism, and the eradication of poverty through redistribution of wealth. The one obstacle to this was Christianity, which Benson makes synonymous with Catholicism (both because of his own ecclesiology and his prediction of the collapse of Protestantism as a significant force).
St. Augustine Press has its own edition.

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