Saturday, January 03, 2009

Allan Carlson, Learning From Conservative History: Main Trails . . . and Less-Traveled Paths (via the Western Confucian)

This is the text of the lecture that Dr. Carlson gave at Yale last November. Now if they would only post the lecture by Daniel Larison. (I think they will do so eventually, as they have already posted the texts for the lectures by Patrick Deneen and James Kalb. The link to the audio recording for Anthony Esolen's lecture can be found here.) Dr. Carlson's ending and summary:

Dismantling the Servile State, building a true Distributist property state, defending small communities of virtue from mega-systems, exposing within capitalism the corrupting influence of a culture of debt: these paths less-traveled may be of greater appeal to a future William F. Buckley and to the next American conservatism.

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