Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Amy Welborn attends Divine Liturgy at a Melkite church.

Also of note: Bishop Vigneron has been appointed archbishop of Detroit.
SF Chronicle: Oakland bishop to head Detroit Archdiocese; California Catholic Daily

Eh... who will be replacing him? I don't like the cathedral, but according to what others tell me, the bishop has done a lot of good things for the diocese. (I thought he inherited the design for the cathedral; I didn't know he "oversaw the design.") I hope his replacement is just as good, if not better. The Bay Area is sorely lacking in good bishops.

A homily he gave at TAC in 2004: The Gift of Wisdom: The Intellect as the "Disciple of Love"
A video of the bishop discussing marriage @ Marriage Matters to Kids.
The Catholic Voice (newsletter for the diocese of Oakland)

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