Friday, January 09, 2009

Bishop Vigneron and the Cathedral of Christ the Light

The comments here indicate that Bishop Vigneron inherited the design of the cathedral and construction had already begun (as I had thought previously)--so it would seem the official diocesan page gives him too much credit, which is to his detriment.

Edit. I should have continued reading. A "A Priest of the Oakland Diocese" writes:

Well, I think I need to set the record straight on few things.

First, the cathedral here in Oakland was NOT yet designed when Bishop Vigneron took over. The design and elements of it are of his primary doing with the board of advisors he created in the diocese. This is a fact. He took great interest in the cathedral, its elements and design. Please don't pass the design on to Bishop John Cummins just becasue it is modern as the design had not been settled when he retired.

Second, the old St. Francis de Sales Cathedral was damaged way beyond repair in 1989 in the earthquake. It was too small and without parking, among other things, therefore the plan to rebuild was put forward as a better use of the diocese's funds and I agree.

Thirdly, let me say that in spite of Bishop Vigneron's legacy at the seminary in Detroit in ligurgical "safeguarding", his liturgical legacy here in the Oakland diocese will less notable. He did little or nothing to respond to reported abuses all over the diocese and often tolerated many serious liturgical offenses deviating from the Roman Missal. I can attest to this firsthand.

I have a great deal of respect for (now) Archbishop Vigneron but I did not witness his "savior"-like status here in the Diocese of Oakland. Good luck Detroit. Blessings to him in his new post.

Fr. Rob Johansen -- Bishop Vigneron on Liturgy

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