Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Apparently, the manager's gf is now having her mail sent here. She might as well move in already.

They're cuddling in the living room. "Shameless" is really the apt word, even if we are afraid to use it in these PC, relativistic times.

"mo ngan tai."

I didn't get the story but some of the kids got their pencils taken away during lunch by one of the yard duties--probably because they were playing with them. I hope they weren't bragging that they got a pencil. Their teacher was going to return the pencils to them after school... what does she make of it all.

For some reason not a few of the first grade girls spend recesses alone--I can't understand why they don't have friends... they're not mean and they don't have behavior problems.

No call for an interview yet. All the better, I suppose, I don't have to deal with people associated with that order or lay group.

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