Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catholic Homesteading Movement

(Prompted by a comment at Crunchy Con's Letter to a Young Benedictine Agrarian. )

Catholic Homesteading Movement
Oxford, NY 13830

Catholic Homesteading Movement
An Essay on Catholic Homesteading by Kevin Ford
Homesteading On The Internet: Living Without Motor Vehicles
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Plus: Small Farm Today® magazine and Home 'N Stead. Catholic Men's Quarterly. Catholic Homesteading Women.

West Liberty Farm.
Polyface books
Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal JOEL SALATIN / Acres v.33, n.9


Francesca said...

Have you been to the Catholic HOmesteading in Oxford, NY? Any comments on what it was like there?

papabear said...

Francesa, no I haven't been out there--perhaps one day I'll contact them, when I'm able to take up a more agrarian way of life.

Francesca said...

Stay away from that place! That's all you need to know. They may look good on the outside, but there are things that have gone on there and go on there that are far from good.