Friday, August 14, 2009

Check out Dr. Médaille's responses to Donald Goodman's post on Obamacare.

As far as influence at the federal level, there are things we can do which will be important. Breaking up the monopolies is a preparation for distributism. So would a plan to break up the banks, which is what should have been done. We don't even have to win the battles, we just have to bring the issues to the attention of the public. That is why conversations about the "death boards" are a waste of time, a diversion from real issues. People do understand the issues, when you bring them to their attention. In fact, they understand better than the economists, which, admittedly, isn't saying much.

Further, we can't be like the communists, who always sacrificed the present moment to the glorious future; any amount of suffering, any sort of gulag, was justified in the name to the coming golden age. The truth is, people still get cancer, have accidents, sick children, and all the other things to which the flesh is heir. They need something today, and we need to show that we are the people who care about such things.

If that means a govmint program or two in the meantime, I am not much bothered. The survival of the govmint won't depend much on another $500 billion or so, and if it helps a few people on its way down, well so much the better.

Systems don't give up easily, and there will be an effort to hold on to power, to restore what is now the ancien regime. And since the volunteer army is no longer representative of the Republic, there is the danger of a Praetorian Guard.

There is also a new oddity here. There are more natural "conservatives" on the left these days than on the right. Yes they are screwy on gender and marriage issues, but there is more localism and self-reliance in Mother Jones News than in almost any conservative journal. So we have an opportunity to work both sides of the aisle, which means being particularly non-ideological, which is why I want to avoid the wing-nuts.

What is the difference between a monopoly and a guild operating within a political community? The fact that the guild cannot determine prices and fees on its own, and that this is part of the function of the government?

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Chris Campbell said...

We should work toward a system where the guild could be more responsible in input into wage/healthcare