Sunday, December 20, 2009

The other day I was thinking about my past, and my overactive imagination... I remember fantasizing about being a white person with brown hair. Why? Even 25 years ago this part of the Bay Area still had a white majority, and most of the faces you saw on TV were white. Was that my ideal image of beauty, or was it due to a desire to fit in? I can't say for sure. I can probably affirm that I was too young to think about what white women considered attractive (white men). Reshaping reality in my imagination in order to satisfy certain emotional needs did dominate my inner life for too long.

Now I am comfortable being Asian in appearance. But it does not mean that various social obstacles no longer exist.

Would I want to blame white people for wanting to look at beautiful white people, and thereby projecting this as the standard for all of society? No. Should they seek to be more diverse in what they are attracted to? Those who are responsible for marketing a product or a image or fantasy may wish to draw in as wide a customer base as possible, and as a result there is a financial incentive to have diversity represented in advertising or in their visual product. Men are probably less picky than women when it comes to physical or sexual attraction -- of course race or ethnicity may be a factor when they are more rational and considering a marriage partner. Still, while having a diverse case may be beneficial to those who are making TVs and movies (this may be questionable at least with respect to TV shows -- do the various races in America share the same viewing preferences?), I can't impute racism to the customer who wishes to see only certain kinds of beauty.

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