Monday, December 21, 2009

The Young Victoria

Splendid in its visuals, the movie suffers from what seemed like rushed story-telling. Also, if the viewer is not familiar with the Victorian period, he may not understand all of the political maneuverings taking place. The courtship between Albert and Victoria is touching -- the movie could have spent more time on illuminating the attraction Victoria felt towards him. What about Albert's motivations and interest?

The movie does have a positive portrayal of "old-fashioned courtship" and marriage. The deep abiding love between Victoria and Albert is rather touching, and in this regard the movie makes for a decent companion piece to Mrs. Brown (Masterpiece Theater). One would like an exploration of what made their marriage successful, something dealing with the intervening years between the settings of these two movies.

More stills at Yahoo!

I need to read more about the Tories and Whigs, the Court and Country Parties. The Whigs influential in forming the Anglo-American political tradition; but would contemporary Catholics in and out of England have been so supportive of their political philosophy?

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