Friday, April 15, 2011

Han Hye Jin videos

KBS America just started airing The Thorn Birds (가시나무새 ) the last week of March. The love rectangle and all the other relationships are very complicated, but I am watching it because of its star, Han Hye Jin.

She may be no different in real life from narcissistic American princesses, as I was reminded during her recent appearance on Happy Together that she and her boyfriend Naul have been dating for 7 years. Such a long dating period doesn't seem appropriate for a Christian or healthy. Actresses of any country may be like modern Uhmerican womyn who want to have it all -- career, love life, and eventually marriage and children, when they're ready to take a break from their career. But onscreen and in interviews she does have a winning sweet personality, which beats that of modern shrews.

Begun on April 1.

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