Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When I first considered subbing for the 5th grade class late last year, I thought it would be ok as I had known most of the students since 2nd grade. There was a thought that I might end up regretting the decision, but I figured it couldn't be bad. At first, one problem student seemed to have grown up since I last saw him in a class (last year perhaps, but during switching -- I did have him in 3rd grade and it was enough for me to decide not to sub for that class again). But he has been behaving terribly the last couple of times I've had the class. More motivation for me to finish this batch of resumes.

If corporal punishment can't be brought back for misbehaving students, maybe it should be brought back for their parents.

Counterpunch, More on Fukushima:
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Dave Lindorff, Not Licensed to Kill

Winslow T. Wheeler, Sticker Shock: Canada and the F-35

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