Thursday, August 04, 2011

Blog fatigue

Lately I have not been perusing the blogs I had been regularly checking a year ago. With changes in opinions and interests there is a corresponding change in the blogs I frequent. Five years ago I will still look at some neocon blogs from time to time. That has practically ceased, with one exception. Still, the number of blogs I look at everyday seems to have decreased. Maybe I'm spending too much time on FB. I don't think it is plain boredom, although I do think that there isn't much fresh material appearing these days. Being engrossed with opinions when no concrete plan of action is available can be frustrating. But there is the sense that there is more to life than reading blogs, and the internet commentariat/diarists are in the process of destroying the internet's usefulness through the sheer number of poor blogs. The signal-to-noise ratio is falling. One could be discerning or rely on a few sites, whether they be blogs or alternative media websites, but can they really keep a reader for more than a several years? Rapid turnover of blogs as bloggers reach a new stage in their lives is even more likely.

A learning community would be much better. There are a few study groups around here, but returning to the university environment would be a more suitable option.

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