Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mark Richardson on identity

Developing identity

He links to a blog post by an Eurasian.

Some of the commentators reduce culture to race/ethnicity, as if marrying a woman of another ethnicity is a betrayal of tradition. Maintaining "genetic purity" with respect to race in and of itself is not a moral obligation.

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Iosue Andreas Sartorius said...

Wow. Having just returned to America, I wonder if it is American hyper-individualism rather than the multi-ethnic nature of our society that is responsible for all this angst.

Even as a white kid growing up in a white community, I wasted years "figuring out who I was." Had a grown up in Korea, where I ended up spending most of my adult life, I probably would have spent that time studying.

That "Hapa" kid probably would have, too. Korea is far more homogeneous, but I could see a mixed-race kid saying, "Man, I feel like an outsider sometimes, but I have no time to dwell on that; I really have to study for my next test."