Thursday, December 01, 2011

Items of Interest, 1 December 2011

Proxy War With Iran by Philip Giraldi
Rod Dreher, Attention, Copts: Time to pack
William Lind, Reshaping the Pentagon for an Age of Austerity
Alexander Boot — Author, Critic, Polemicist, and Blogger
Daniel Larison, The Useless Moralizing of Hawkish Interventionists

Thaddeus Kozinski, Ivory Tower Capitalism (via Patrick Deneen)
Pre-order Hound of Distributism Today
Two New Books for Distributists

How Rising Education Costs Can Lead to Incest

DIANA JOHNSTONE, Here’s the Key Question in the Libyan War
RALPH NADER, L. L. Bean and the Myth of “Made in America”
GARETH PORTER, Pak Border Post Attack a Big Loss for U.S. War Policy

Diet and Health:
Rod Dreher, Medicare fatheads
More promotion of the CW by the government, I suspect.

Low Carb Explained
Kitchen table talk. Review: Farmstead Chef
Are You Part of the Global Middle Class? Let me see your Smile......
MDA: How to Eat More Fat

Towards ecological literacy: A Permaculture approach for junior secondary science
The Thinking Housewife: Do impersonal settings prepare children for real life
"Impersonal care impedes self-restraint and the ability to form healthy relationships."
Rod Dreher, How fantasy helps us think historically

Holy Resurrection Monastery: Eastern rite monastery opens doors
The Family Celebration of the Divine Office by Shawn Tribe
Rorate Caeli: The Roman Rite: Old and New - VIII
The New Mass destroyed centuries of propers
Captivated by Death by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

The Pedestal Breaks

History: Customary law before the conquest (pdf)

First Image From Chilean Abortion Social Horror Movie APIO VERDE (AITH)
I can't tell if the filmmaker supports the ban or opposes it.

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