Sunday, March 25, 2012

Liturgical touring

Because of a rather busy music schedule today, I attended the Ukrainian liturgy at the Carmelite monastery this morning. Initially only 6 people were there, but by the end there was about 30 or 40 in attendance. Does the pastoral need really require this apostolate, though? The music was similar to that used in the Ruthenian rite, though I think the music for the Creed might have been rather different. I was struck by the singing and preaching of the priest. (Baritone?) I think he preached at the end of the liturgy, and even that sounded musical, reminding me of his singing of the Gospel reading. It was very expressive and loud, in contrast to the homilies of Roman rite priests in the area. Everything was sung (except the epistle, and only that reading was in Englis), even though the priest was the only cleric, and the liturgy was about an hour and a half.

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