Sunday, August 19, 2012

Went to HIN San Mateo this afternoon; it'll probably be the last car show for a while - and I don't mean that solely because it's almost the end of summer. (There is a minor car meet in Dublin, which AK will be attending, but I don't think I'll go, unless I'm going to be in Dublin for other reasons.) I was not that impressed with HIN -- it seemed like there were less vendors and cars than at Spocom and that other auto show that took place at the San Mateo Event Center last year - Extreme Auto Fest.

There were several US Army recruiters; last year and the year before the USMC was present. If you hadn't already guessed, I affirm the Marine recruiters were in better shape. I didn't feel like chatting the Army recruiters up, even though I was wearing a SF hat, which they may have noticed. Even though the institution may have no choice but to go in the direction ordained by the civilian leadership, I am still rather disgusted by its embrace of the feminist and homosexual agendas.

The last time I saw ACUs (at the airport in Newark), they did look like pajamas. The women wearing them were Uhmerican (i.e. overweight) but the ACUs are very loose as well, and the change over to the new camo pattern hasn't fixed this problem. Contemporary US Army (lack of proper) sizing? Or is there a practical reason for this? I prefer the closer-fitting shirts of the 60s or the WW2 khakis, even I have doubts about their functionality.

Apparently there were some prints and posters being given away; missed out on those but with the crowd there, even if I had known about them I might not have been able to get one. C'est la vie.

Disney can't disappear quickly enough. Whiskey: Disney, Marvel, Ike Perlmutter, and the Return of Otto von Bismarck

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