Saturday, October 27, 2012

Church-Tradition-Magisterium by Brunero Gheradini

Written late last year.
The grand semicentennial celebration has begun. No tam-tam as yet, but one can feel it in the air. The semicentennial anniversary of Vatican II will uncork whatever it will be possible to dream up by way of laudatory judgements. Not the faintest shadow of the sobriety that had been requested both as an attitude of mind and as a moment of reflexion and analysis to evaluate the conciliar event at a greater critical depth. Free-wheeling assertions and repetitions of what has been said and repeated for the past fifty years are already underway: Vatican II is the pinnacle and the quintessence of Tradition. International congresses on the greatest and most significant among all ecumenical councils have already been planned, while other gatherings of greater or lesser impact will follow along the way. Literature on the topic is swelling by the day.

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