Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dr. Fleming's Advice to American Christians

Thomas Fleming, Christian Politics in PostChristian America

He begins:
American Christians like to think of their country as peculiarly religious. Some, invoking the old Puritan metaphor of the city on the hill, insist that the United States is no mere nation-state, but an exception in the history of nations. Our nation is a beacon shining the light of moral virtue and political liberty on a world darkened by atheism and immorality.

Many of these latter-day Puritans are good people and fine Christians, but they do display a disquieting tendency to turn Christian faith into a religious and political ideology that is not so much Christianity as Christianism. Christianists are not content merely to lead Christian lives, go to church, and practice charity. They must be forever making the world a better place. In the process, they are not always careful to distinguish the morality and theology of historic Christianity from the typically American cult of free enterprise and democratic capitalism. For them, Ronald Reagan and Paul Ryan, while they may not rank with Jesus and the Apostles, are at least on par with popes, patriarchs, and the pastors of megachurches.

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