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"I'm an intelligent, educated woman and I'd never for a jerk or an asshole."

A Review of Catholic Philosopher Chick Makes Her Début
Friday, October 12, 2012
Ryan McDermott
Readers caught up in the suspense that develops around the proper interpretation of Thomas’s infamous remark that “the female is a misbegotten male” will learn a great deal about Aristotelian biology and the personalist interpretation of Thomas, even as they experience why medieval scholastic disputes could draw large, raucous crowds. I’m cheering for the fun to continue when Cate gets her first tenure-track job at the University of Our Lady of the Rust Belt.

Chesterton Press

We'll have to see what sort of comments are added to this review, but why not throw in the word "creepy" to describe the Catholic super-nerds who geek out over philosophy and theology and want to throw their weight around when a woman appears? I suspect the authors and this commenter may be oblivious to the manifestation of hypergamy among female academics. Seven "chauvinistic" men? They may be chauvinistic in the book, but I bet their characters are also betas, not alphas - that's the unforgivable sin, not the fact that they're chauvinistic. Oh, don't tell me - they're just intimidated of an intelligent woman who can hold her own; all they need is a dose of humility and Catholic personalism/feminism to realize their errors.

Massive fail for Chesterton Press?

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