Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Does the Pope Really Have That Kind of Time?

The Pope reaches over half a million Twitter followers in 24 hours

I doubt it. Another attempt by the pope to "Christianize" mass media, specifically social networking tools. To make the pope more accessible? Does that not give the impression that the Church has "centralized" rule? What happened to moving the Church away from that model and self-understanding?

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t said...

Well-intentioned but pointless. It'll just be a magnet for atheist kiddie trolls.

Speaking of trolls, I was pretty disgusted to see some Frosty Woolridge excrement over at 'Conservative' Heritage Times. The neos made common cause with jerks like Hitchens, and now the paleos are hangin' with anti-pop ideologues.

There's nowhere left to go to get away from this %)*$.