Monday, January 14, 2013

Making a Spectacle of Yourself

For an audience of one.

I paid a visit to the newest Five Guys in the area; a mom came in with her two kids, a 2yo filia and a 3yo filius? She was wearing athletic clothes - did she just get out of the gym, or was this idea of everyday casual? She also had a LV purse and earrings. I don't know if she was a SAHM or if she worked for pay outside the home. Was she feeding her children dinner at Five Guys out of convenience, or was it a special treat? I think they were too young to appreciate it, if the latter was true, though McDonald's might be something else entirely. (Yes, get rid of those toys!) Perhaps her husband (if she has one) had a work dinner or some such thing, and she decided that she didn't want to cook for the children and herself tonight. Still, I thought it a sad spectacle, and it would be ironic if she were one of those women who enjoys Downton Abbey for is ostentatious displays of opulence. It's easy for us to imagine living like that, doing so vicariously, when we don't have to make the effort to live in a more civilized manner in real life. We just have to believe that we are entitled to such an existence.

Probably no one else noticed or cared - this is the new norm for dress. And there are few places where you can avoid the evidence of Uhmerica's increasing obesity problem. If only engineers and techies cared more about being fit.

Coastal California the epitome of suburban banality?

At this store they had the new-fangled soda dispensers, with the touchscreen display that lets customers choose what soda they want. The machine can mix various artificial flavors together to create drinks that you would not see in the store - different flavors of Coke, for example. Such a machine makes it even more obvious that it is a dispenser of artificial chemicals.

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