Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Russian Patriarch Capitulates

Truly, a KGB plant?

To be serious: one could say that he does not wish to alienate those potential converts who have been estranged from Christianity, because of their upbringing, indoctrination, and so on. But have women not been in positions of power, etc. since the Communists took over? How has that really helped Russian society? If there is a problem is it the failure of the political economy to provide meaningful work for men? How is the displacement of men by women supposed to solve this problem? Women may need to work to provide a living for themselves and their families, but should they be directly competing with men? What of the loss of an agrarian economy? Should the government not be encouraged to work for that, instead of counting on continued revenue from the sale of fossil fuels? As for conceding that women can have a role in politics (bureaucrats or elected officials), I think the patriarch has accepted the status quo as the norm, not realizing that it is counter to the natural exercise and transfer of political authority.

Russian Patriarch Kirill Criticizes Feminism

"The head of the Russian Orthodox Church on Tuesday criticized extreme forms of feminism but said women may well build a career, be involved in business activities and politics if those occupations are not in conflict with family values."


"Patriarch Kirill said women fare well in many professions today, which, he said, means they can be good wives and mothers and at the same time work “for common good” if “their priorities are set in the right way.”"

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