Friday, April 12, 2013

The Centrality of "Roles" to Moral Agency

(and by extension, to ethics)

Motherhood role no longer a source of value?

What Mr. Richardson refers to as a transcendent social role (and the institutional commitment to it) I would explain as an [humble] acceptance of one's roles/offices/duties&responsibilities - it's not about me, and not all such duties&responsibilities are "voluntary" or binding only if I "consent." That we owe love and car to others is the way out of narcissism, disordered self-love. "To diffuse the good" is necessity and obligatory (commanded through natural law) because I cannot be happy otherwise. I am not created to be self-sufficient, or for the world to revolve around me and my needs. (We may be naturally inclined to act in such a way, but in reason we realize that it is imperative for us to act thusly.)

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